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Rave Reviews - "Spamalot" at TBTS

Andrako’s duet with Swindal of “The Song that Goes Like This” is a classic.

Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table are a solidly motley crew to say the least. Sir Galahad (Michael Andrako) is portrayed with reckless abandon and a well-suited eccentric enthusiasm that gives a delicious contemptibility.

All the “knights” play multiple roles and never fail to bring out the best in their characters, always piling laugh on top of laugh under director and choreographer Billy Sprague Jr.’s vigilant eye


Michael Andrako plays Sir Dennis Galahad, a reluctant intellectual who becomes a knight, with a wonderful touch and talented handling of the role.

The Theatre Mirror

Michael Andrako is wonderful as Sir Galahad. He and his mother trash talk and loudly disagree with Arthur and Patsy on their first meeting. One of his funniest songs is the duet with Lady of the Lake, "The Song That Goes Like This" especially hilarious is the section where they change the key in the song.

Michael also sings "All for One" and "Always Look on the Bright Side". Galahad's transformation from country bumpkin into Knight of the Round Table is very comical with the Lady of the Lake and the cheerleaders. He also plays prince Herbert's mean father who wants him to marry a woman. He does a great job!


Sir Galahad (Michael Andrako) will charm and delight you


Theatre By The Sea has saved the BEST FOR LAST, wrapping up its season with a fall-down funny run of “Spamalot,” the outrageous send-up of Arthurian lore and the revered world of Broadway musicals as only the folks at Monty Python could concoct.

In the show Hayley Swindal teams up with Michael Andrako’s Sir Galahad in “The Song That Goes Like This,” a wonderful parody of the sentimental Broadway ballad.


The cast is terrific, too, going in for high camp without going overboard, their humor is so quirky and unpredictable.


Theatre by the Sea's production of Spamalot is a ROYAL ROMP!

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