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Michael Andrako

A graduate of the Boston Conservatory - Michael is a proud member of the Actor's Equity Association & a SAGaftra eligible New York City based Actor. Having lived in the City for over a decade, he has been featured in a multitude of commercial, television & film projects filmed locally. He has toured the country providing the gift of laughter & entertainment to thousands of paying Patrons & been featured in such major houses as Houston's prestigious Theatre Under the Stars. 

Most recently featured in a theatrical production of "Spamalot" as the title character of Sir Galahad in which Michael received rave reviews for his portrayal of the hilarious Monty Python character. He can be seen on re-runs of Discovery ID's "Crime to Remember: The Kitty Genovese Files" as Officer Volber & Animal Planet's "Monster's Inside Me: My Body is Rotting" as Doctor Underwood. He is currently featured on several online marketing campaigns for new wireless technology projects.





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Michael Andrako

Voiceover - Michael Andrako
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Michael Andrako                                                                                                                                    

 AEA/SAG-AFTRA Eligible                                                                                              Hair/Eyes: Brown    Voice: Baritenor                                                                                    

 Regional Theatre

     Spamalot                                  Sir Galahad                            Theatre by the Sea                     dir. Billy Sprague Jr.

     The Spitfire Grill                      Joe Sutter                               Barnstormers Theatre               dir. Igor Goldin

     Camelot                                    Sir Dinadin                            Theatre Under the Stars            dir. Richard Stafford

     Spamalot                                  Sir Galahad                            Phoenix Theatre                         dir. Michael Barnard

     Camelot                                    Sir Sagramore                        John Engeman Theatre             dir. Alan Souza

                                                              Lancelot u/s

     A Closer Walk                           Jordanaire Quartet                 The Fireside                                dir. Ed Flesch

           with Patsy Cline

     Jerry Springer - the Opera       Ensemble                               Speakeasy Stage Co.                  dir. Paul Daigneault

     Les Miserables                          Lesgles/Ensemble                 Weston Playhouse                      dir. Tim Fort

     Little Women                             John Brooke                          Gretna Theatre                          dir. Jason Summers

     Grease                                       Teen Angel                            Gretna Theatre                         dir. Barry Pearl

     Disney's Tarza                           Clayton                                 AZ Broadway Theatre              dir. Michael Susko

    My Fair Lady                             Cockney Quartet                  AZ Broadway Theatre               dir. Jimmy Ferraro

                                                                Freddy u/s

     I Love You, You're Perfect...      Man 1                                   Cidermill Playhouse                  dir. Jan DeAngelo

     Hello Dolly!                              Cornelius Hackl                    Cidermill Playhouse                  dir. Michael Susko

     Fiddler on the Roo                    Fyedka                                  Fiddlehead Theatre                   dir. Stacey Stephens

     Oliver!                                       Ensemble                              Fiddlehead Theatre                   dir. Stacey Stephens

 National Tour

     Fiddler on the Roof                    Fyedka                                  AIM Management                     dir. Norb Joerder


      Easter Mysteries                       John                                      John O'Boyle                               dir. Donald Brenner

     Sacagawea                                George                                  Mary Phillips & C. Bohmler        dir. Cara Reichel

     Deny the En                               Hans von Kurtzheim            Larry Harris, Donald Brenner      dir. Donald Brenner



      Monsters Inside Me                   Dr. Underwood                     Animal Planet

      A Crime to Remember              Officer Volber                        Investigation Discovery

     30 Rock                                      Season 4 Finale                     NBC Universal 

     Gossip Girl                                Season 4                                CW - Warner Bros.

     Something Borrowe                   2010                                      Warner Bros. Pictures


     Conflicts Available Upon Request


     A Tribute to Bernstein                Soloist                                     Boston Pops! (conducted by Keith Lockhart)

     L'elisir d'amore                          Belocore                                 Boston Conservatory Opera Dept.

     Die Fledermaus                          Frank                                      Boston Conservatory Opera Dept.

     A Midsummer Night's Dream     Starveling                               Boston Conservatory Opera Dept.


 Education & Training                                                        BM Boston Conservatory

                 Acting                                                                             Johnathan Kuntz, The Acting Studio                                            TV/Film/Commercial                                                     The Acting Studio, Victor Verhaeghe

                 Voice                                                                               Jasper Grant, Eddie Schnecker, Matthew Thompson


Special Skills

                   Expert Whistler, Piano, Banjo & Guitar, Dialects: (British: East London/Liverpool/Yorkshire/

                  Cockney/Proper, Irish, Australian, Scottish, French, Russian, American: Bostonian/Chicago/

                  Southern/Brooklyn), Stage Combat: (Broad Sword, Quarter Staff), Passport, Puppetry Training



Michael Andrako will charm and delight you.

-Warwick Beacon

What do people have to say about

Michael Andrako?

Michael Andrako as Sir Dinadin does an excellent job bringing the show to lustrous life.


Sir Galahad (Michael Andrako) is portrayed with reckless abandon and a well-suited eccentric enthusiasm that gives a delicious contemptibility

-The Newport Daily News

Michael Andrako is a definite crowd pleaser.

-The Arizona Republic

Michael Andrako plays Sir Galahad with a wonderful touch & handling of the role.


Michael Andrako shines with a wonderful parody on the sentimental Broadway ballad.

-Theatre Mirror


Michael Andrako performs the iconic song as Sir Galahad "The Song That Goes Like This" from Monty Python's Spamalot

V/O Demo

Voiceover - Michael Andrako
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Voiceover Demo Reel for Michael Andrako


Michael Andrako featured in an advertisement for Pure Grown Diamonds shot throughout NYC


at the

Theatre by the Sea

Promotional video for the Theatre by the Sea production of Spamalot with Michael Andrako starring as Sir Galahad




Michael Andrako is currently featured in several commercials and ads promoting new products


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